Monshea L

About us

After losing faith in the main proprietary brands that did not help resolve my numerous skin and hair care issues (no matter how much I paid for them!), I discovered unrefined Shea butter and was so happy with the results that I set up a business ensuring I had a constant supply.

I could not believe that I finally found a product that not only moisturized my skin and faded skin scars but improved the condition and manageability of my hair.

I now source my own supply of premium grade unrefined Shea butter and Shea oil from a West African social enterprise. They have a focus on improving the economic status of rural women who are invariably the Shea pickers and Shea processors.

They also offer saving schemes so out of season these hard working agricultural workers who harvest Shea nuts still have access to funds to pay for school fees and other expenses.

Your continued support of Monshea products will also extend to and contribute to supporting these workers.

Watch Peace Corps Volunteers show how the hard working women of northern Ghana process Shea nuts into Shea butter.

I have successfully completed a course blending essential oils and learnt more about natural products and how to make products  from them. With this knowledge I now have developed products that not only successfully solved my family skin and hair care issues, but those of my friends also.

The products available on this website are effective and honest. They contain quality ingredients and are packaged in natural containers so that they do not impair or contaminate your product with chemicals.

You will soon discover why Monshea Limited ® is the natural alternative.™

We are proud members of the Global Shea Alliance.