Raw Shea butter, Great for dry skincare but ......

SHEA butter is one of the most moisturizing of natural oils that is why it is a popular ingredient in many of the dry skin care products you will find in your favourite retail outlets

But did you know?……..

The Shea butter you are using is very likely to be Refined shea butter

shoil sh butter.jpg


The pure unrefined shea butter has a natural scent, due to the roasting stage in the traditional processing of the shea butter ( however, the fresher the butter the lighter the odour) which many cosmetic manufacturers have decided that this would put off potential customers of purchasing this as a dry skin care product.

Also ,  unrefined shea butter can get so hard during our Winters, it is almost as if it has frozen! (in some cases) that it makes it impractical t use in the season we need it the most!

Raw or Refined shea butter does it make a difference?

Well, refined shea butter is prepared by manufacturers using chemicals such as hexane and a high heat to help extraction of the shea butter from the shea nuts. This produces a whiter, odorless butter, it is still a great testament to shea butter, as it is still great for dry skin and hair care as it is very moisturizing.

However, due to this process, the numerous benefits we have come to love that exists in many natural products including Shea butter are unfortunately lost.

For example, anti- ageing, relieves stiff muscles, evens skin tone, fades scars improves the appearance stretch marks, helps rashes and improve some types of eczema and dermatitis.

You definitely get a lot more for your money if you opt for Unrefined shea butter rather than Refined Shea butter.



If the thought of moisturizing with unrefined shea butter, is still not appealing to you but you love the benefits of unrefined shea butter, then you are a perfect candidate to try Shea oil. This by product of unrefined shea butter, contains all the benefits of unrefined shea butter without any of the disadvantages. (more information about this in the next blog)

As they say seeing is believing, so you can obtain a trial size product for yourself from to see whether it will be worth including and become part of your range of dry skin care products.

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